Health Kits Available Now

Health Kits Available Now

We are excited to announce that with our partnership with Anthem, we are now offering comprehensive health kits!

Our Health Kits are no-cost, turnkey wellness campaigns focused on important health topics.  We make it easy for you to educate employees about Nutrition and Fitness, Diabetes, Smoking Cessation, Men’s/Women’s Health, and more.  You’ll be provided a variety of resources and materials, such as fliers, posters, websites and articles – wrapped up in a fun workplace challenge to both motivate and inspire!


Emotional Health Kit

Diabetes Health Kit

Blood Pressure Health Kit

Preventative Health Kit

Heart Health Kit

Dental Health Kit

Vision Health Kit

Disability Health Kit

Stop Smoking Health Kit

Allergies Health Kit

Musculoskeletal Health Kit

Nutrition & Fitness Health Kit

Children Health Kit

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