ComplexCare: support when you need it most

Coping with any health problem can be tough. But when you have one or more ongoing conditions that require special care, you need all the support you can get.

ComplexCare is here to give you that support — at no extra cost!

Our nurse care managers will work closely with you and your doctors to create a personalized care plan.

That means we’ll:


Help you set and achieve healthy lifestyle goals.


Answer your treatment questions.


Refer you to other health and wellness programs.


Share new ideas for taking care of yourself and sticking to your doctor’s advice.


Keep your doctors and other health care providers, like pharmacists and nutritionists, connected and on the same page.

How do you get started?

We’ll be in touch if we think this program is right for you. Can’t wait? Call Member Services at the number on your member ID card to see whether ComplexCare might be a good fit.

What do ComplexCare members say about their experience?

75% are satisfied with the support they got. (source: Source: Internal Anthem Clinical Satisfaction Study, 2015.)

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